VANISH! CD album – 1st in the trilogy


  • Vanish 00:00
  • Why? 00:00
  • Camoflage (intro) 00:00
  • Camoflage 00:00
  • Honeycombe 00:00
  • Mysterious Note 00:00
  • Empty World 00:00
  • 6th Sense 00:00

Vanish! is the first of three CD albums in the ‘militant geese’ trilogy. Bombay Monkey describes their sound as being “…not unlike alchemy. We are constantly searching for the perfect balance of numbers – high magic through high maths. We mix the past with the present and the organic with the chemical.”
Disciplined enough to keep each of their compositions to under three minutes in length and with entire albums worth of guitar and string-laden original vocal songs and tracks built around cannily chosen voice samples already archived, Bombay Monkey’s brand of magic and science is channeled through an AKAI sampler and is at turns atmospheric, rhythmic, heady, melodic or just plain funny….and sometimes all five.