Perhaps best known for tracks on ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Queer as Folk’, H2SO4 began by pressing limited edition 12″ singles: “Little Soul”; “I Need Feel” and “The Way I Want,” that were sold directly to specialist stores across London. Their debut ‘Machine-Turned Blues’ was released on the ReCon label (now part of LO-TEK) with “Imitation Leather Jacket” leading the way. The single had over a thousand U.S. radio plays and became the number one choice on the Gavin Alternative Juke Box Jury. Through ReCon, H2SO4 albums were licensed to Robbins Entertainment in the US and Polystar in Japan. Imitation Leather Jacket was also used in the 2020 MTV Awards.
Most recently, a collection of their songs have been produced by Bombay Monkey to form the new album ” Love and Death”


Love And Death (promo CD)



Love And Death Unisex T-Shirt